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A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of a particular object, individual, animal, action, or situation. In most cases, this fear is irrational and unfounded. An individual experiencing a phobia either avoid the source of their fear or endures it with great anxiety and distress. Panic attacks and panic disorders may occur as a result of this.


There are many types of phobia including but not limited to:

  • Anthropophobia (similar to social phobias): fear of people
  • Aerophobia: fear of flying
  • Acrophobia: Fear of heights
  • Claustrophobia: Fear of confined spaces
  • Germaphobia: Fear of germs
  • Zoophobia: Fear of dogs, snakes, crocodiles, creepy crawlies etc


When put in these specific situations or near the objects, people with phobias experience symptoms like:

  • Physical symptoms: rapid heart rate, sweating profusely, nausea, inability to breathe
  • Psychologically: Feeling anxious, fear and uneasy


Depending on the nature of your phobia or fear, you can seek treatment to identify the best therapeutic approach for you. Exposure therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of being afraid of certain objects or situations. Talk to our Counsellor today to learn how to manage your phobias.

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