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Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling


Our romantic partnerships are often where we find our greatest peace and support, yet these intimate relationships can also experience periods of conflicts and disconnection. Healthy romantic relationships are linked to positive outcomes for the entire family system. Couples might consider counselling after major transitions or changes within the relationship.


At Nuffield Wellness Counselling & Psychotherapy, we provide confidential relationship counselling that allows couples the opportunity to understand and resolve difficulties/conflicts in their relationships. We start from the foundational that we all desire connection and validation while holding that it is natural for the couple to feel out of sync. Therapy focuses on the dynamics between people, offering benefit to both parties jointly and individually. We work with dating, pre-marital, intercultural and interracial couples, and couples transitioning into marriage, parenthood, empty nests, or going through a divorce.


Some of the common issues that we help address are:

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