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Parenting Related Issues

Parenting Related Issues


Being a parent is said to be the most complex job in the world. A parent-child relationship is changing constantly, bringing new challenges at every stage of their lives. While both roles have their own set of challenges, this may impact the quality of the relationship when there is a such as:


  • Changes in family dynamics: Co-parenting due to divorce in a single-family home
  • Parenting style: authoritative, neglectful, permissive, authoritarian
  • Financial issues: lack of financial stability and support
  • Emotional issues: misunderstandings, lack of communication
  • Physical issues: domestic violence, sexual abuse


There is no foolproof guide to Parenting, most of us rely solely on our “parenting instincts” and do not seek advice for common parenting issues and problems. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t told exactly what to do as parents, and we all make mistakes from time to time to time. 


At Nuffield Wellness, we offer counselling services to help address specific concerns in your parent-child relationship. Book an appointment/with us today!

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