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Life Transitions

Life Transitions


Life transitions are times in our life where our lifestyle undergoes big changes. In most cases, transitions in life may go smoothly, but people often struggle to adjust to change and may find these changes challenging and distressing. Whether it’s transitioning from being a student to having a full-time job, getting married, or becoming a parent. Life transitions can be difficult to adapt at the beginning, especially if they are unforeseen, such as a breakup, divorce or sudden death of someone close. Changes in routine and familiarity may have a significant effect on your mental state, leaving you feeling lost for a period of time. Others  may also go through a mid-life crisis in which they make erratic decisions such as leaving their long-term relationships for a new one, or make extravagant purchases as a result of their inability to adjust to the idea of entering “middle age.” This is due to people seeking to reassess their lives and accomplishments, which can be an uncomfortable and emotional process.


It’s important to mentally prepare for these changes so that you can deal with them moving forward. Finding your footing in a new career, relationship, or only lifestyle change takes time. You should have a reliable support network and trustworthy people by your side through these transitions. Uncertainty and anxiety are common in transitions. However, some may find difficulty in coping with these changes. 


Speaking to a Counsellor may be beneficial to have clarity on how to manage these emotions, book an appointment with us at Nuffield Wellness, to know how you can cope through life transitions.

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