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Interpersonal Problems/Concerns

Interpersonal Problems/Concerns

Problems in interpersonal relationships are inevitable. Conflicts can occur at any time when there are differences in needs, views and emotions. When two people cannot communicate effectively this may escalate to negative feelings of anger, confusion, irritability, inferiority complex etc.


Disagreements are common between family members, friends or romantic partners. It is important to understand how to resolve the issue before it escalates into a bigger problem that will be much harder to overcome. When conflicts/arguments are not handled properly, it can have a negative effect on everyone involved and the quality of your relationship.


At Nuffield Wellness, we assist you in determining the cause of the problem and are here to guide you through the process of renewing your relationship in a positive and healthy manner. Make an appointment with our Counsellor, Ms Zahira, and begin a new chapter in your relationship.

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