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Gender Identity

Gender Identity


Gender identity disorder also known as gender dysphoria occurs when a person is born one gender but identifies as an opposite gender. This could imply that a male born today identifies as female or vice versa.  Some people may not identify with any of the genders and wishes to explore their sexual orientation whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and others. People can also identify as ‘non-binary,’ which means they do not identify as either male or female. Non-binary also includes those who identify as androgyne, third gender, or polygender and are uncomfortable thinking of themselves as simply male or female. They may identify as a hybrid of the two, or as neither.


Firstly, it takes time to internalise the fact that they may have a different sexual attraction to people than they previously thought. Once they have come to terms with it, it is challenging to open up about their sexuality to friends and family members. 


If you are experiencing emotional stress as a result of your gender or sexual identity, therapy and counselling can be extremely beneficial. Counselling can offer strategies for managing your concerns about coming out, ways to deal with discrimination, and help to address other experiences faced by members of the LGBTQ community, such as relationships, marriage, and parenting, in a confidential, safe, and nonjudgmental setting. You can also learn how to manage yourself on a daily basis and discover new ways to relate to yourself and others. Book an appointment at Nuffield Wellness today.


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