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Addiction is caused by the inability to control certain repetitive behaviours to the point where they cause harm. They are the result of strong compulsions to use and do certain things excessively, often in order to avoid distressing emotions or situations. These behaviours can lead to victims inflicting harm on themselves and others. Despite the negative effects the body craves this destructive compulsion and views it as a “reward” or “motivation” for the individual to function. Addiction recovery is challenging because many people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs fail to recognize their own patterns of abuse or have mixed feelings about seeking help. Someone with addictions may exhibit some common signs and symptoms such as:


  • Behaviour: Always being secretive, frequent memory loss, inability to sleep well
  • Social: Always finding an opportunity to indulge in gambling, substance abuse or binge drinking


Someone with addictions may show signs of weight loss, extreme exhaustion daily and can have a poor appetite.  An addict not only has a physical and psychological impact on themselves, but they also have an effect on social behaviours. Since these substances impair their thinking and behaviour, they can interfere with your relationships with family, friends and romantic partners. With such negative consequences, it is important to refrain from such behaviours. However, if you stop indulging in your addictions, you can experience withdrawal symptoms which may impede your ability to function without it.


At Nuffield Wellness, we understand that breaking away from addiction is extremely challenging. We believe to facilitate the change you need the right support in overcoming your addiction, talk to our Counsellor today. Book an appointment with us.

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