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Employee Assisted Programme

Employee Assisted Programme (EAP)


In addition to the recent pandemic, workplace stress has negatively taken a downward spiral on the productivity and performance of the employees.


With the growing need for mental health support, Employee Assisted programmes are designed to aid the growing number of employees who are struggling to cope with issues at home or at work undermining their morale and creativity.


According to Straits Times press release on 17 Nov 2020, under a new advisory to tackle mental health
concerns of workers here, companies are encouraged to organise talks and workshops on the issue and train managers to spot signs of distress, including workplace burnout, and offer support to their colleagues- one of the key recommendations where employers are encouraged to provide access to counselling services such as Employee Assistance Programmes to allow employees to speak to a professional on their work and non-work-related challenges.

At Nuffield Wellness Counselling, we understand the importance of your employee mental & 
emotional wellbeing directly has an effect on the success of your organisation/company. Our
Counsellor is committed to assist you in creating a supportive work environment for your employees
so that they could thrive in their roles at work and in their personal lives. 


We invite you to collaborate with us to increase the company quality and competitiveness while also ensuring the long-term well-being of your employees. Each EAP program is tailored to fit the individual needs
of your organisation/company so that the right tools are given to empower the employees to
manage their mental health at work and at home.


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