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Non-Traditional Relationship Issues

Non-Traditional Relationship Issues


Non-traditional relationships are ones that are alternative to monogamous relationships. This includes open relationships, open marriages and other types of relationships other than the conventional ones.


These relationships have been becoming increasingly profound all over the world as people realign their values, wants and needs. Most of the time, parties engage in these relationships to indulge in sexual activities and develop a friendship.


With such relationships, it is important to set expectations and limits between involved parties. If this is an open marriage, both husband and wife need to discuss what they can or cannot do out of respect for one another. It is easy to get into misunderstandings in such matters as it involves emotional feelings.


At Nuffield Wellness, we offer a couple counselling to mend and strengthen the relationship between partners. With our experienced counsellor, Zahira, get all the help you need with your partners. Click on the form to make an appointment.

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