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Infidelity occurs when either partner of a long term monogamous marriage is unfaithful. This is also coined as “cheating”. When either partner engages in infidelity, it breaks the promises or the trust of the committed relationship and can severely strain the marriage. Both men and women can engage in infidelity.


There are different types of infidelity that can lead to marital problems such as:

  1. Emotional infidelity

    As the name suggests, this is when one gets emotionally attached to someone other than their partners. This causes the adulterer to start having feelings for the other person and may start neglecting their marriage. A sexual affair may or may not be part of this extramarital relationship.

  2. Physical Infidelity

    This is when people engage in extramarital sex with someone who is not their partner. They may or may be involved with this person emotionally. A Lot of times, people cheat under the influence of drugs or alcohol which sways their thoughts and behaviour.

Cheating can cause emotional instability to the victims and can damage relationships both in marriage and family. It takes a toll on mental health when one finds out their partner has been unfaithful to them. People feel violated and deceived.


At Nuffield Wellness, we provide counselling services for couples. Ad this is a very sensitive topic, we want to alert our customers that all their information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the session. If you wish you book an appointment with our experienced counsellor, click on the form.

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