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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution


Conflict resolution is the process of finding a viable solution for a well-handled conflict. A conflict arises where there is a disagreement between the parties involved that poses a threat to their relationship. Although getting into a disagreement is normal in a romantic relationship, it is important to know how to resolve conflicts to maintain a healthy relationship.


There are many different types of conflict that you may find yourself part of like:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Financial issues
  3. Intimacy (or lack of)
  4. Everyday matters


To hone conflict resolution skills, you need to engage in active listening in order to listen to how the other person feels so that you can reach an agreement with them. Both parties must feel heard and empathised with for a negotiated agreement to take place. Often times, emotions such as anger get in the way of problem-solving which may exacerbate the conflict situations.


At Nuffield Wellness, our counsellor offers effective conflict resolutions to teach conflicted parties how to look into each others’ point of view. With conflict resolution strategies, we hope they encourage a better way for you to manage conflict between each other. If you wish to book yourself an appointment with your partner, click on the form.

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