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Adjusting in A Marriage

Adjusting in A Marriage


In the initial months of marriage, it can take a while for both partners to get accustomed to their married life. Not only does it entail moving into a new home, but it also means having someone who is present in your life day in, day out. There will be changes to your life both mentally, physically and emotionally.


A healthy marriage is when both partners are able to adapt to each other’s needs. This can involve respecting their need for privacy, understanding their bad habits and their strengths in household chores. It may take months or years of marriage to properly settle in with one another.


However, it is normal to face hiccups along the way. Married couples may find themselves arguing about certain matters regarding the house, money or even their children. This can take a toll on their marriage. That is why at Nuffield Wellness, we provide a couple counselling to spend time recognising each other’s needs and wants. Our experienced counsellor, Zahira, leaves her door open to help couples realign their relationship and make sure they can work with each other for a happy marriage. If you wish to book an appointment with Zahira, click on the form.

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