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Infertility Struggles

Infertility Struggles


Infertility is when a couple is struggling to conceive a child despite many attempts of planned, unprotected sexual intercourse. It is recommended to visit a fertility clinic and consult a doctor when a couple is trying to conceive in order to get all the information they need about the process.


The consultation will highlight if both parties are fit to consummate the marriage. A couple may be experiencing one of 2 types of infertility. Primary infertility is when a couple is unable to carry a pregnancy for more than a year.


In some cases, couples may experience secondary infertility where a couple is unable to conceive after they have already done so before. This could be due to low sperm mobility or ovulation issues.


The process of getting pregnant can be frustrating because it feels like you have tried everything yet nothing seems to work. It presents an emotional roller coaster from the time before sex all the way to checking a pregnancy test only to get a negative.


Infertility can affect and strain the relationship between couples especially if it has been going for a long time. It also causes additional stress on couples when friends and family question them about if they are conceiving or planning to. In such times, you may need a third party to talk to.


Here at Nuffield Wellness, we offer couple counselling for those who have been going through infertility. We understand the challenges it poses and aims to ease the minds of tensed partners through our counselling. With our professional counsellor, Zahira, you can be assured you in good hands when discussing your infertility matters with her. Click on the form to book an appointment.


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