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Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

Good communication is the most fundamental rule of a happy marriage. Each married couple has its own unique way of communicating which works well for them. However, it is normal to get into arguments with each other. It is essential to have effective communication in a marriage. There are many different types of communications between couples that work for them such as:


  • Verbal communication

Verbal communication is the action of speaking to one another. In a relationship, this is defined by encouraging and supportive words to make sure either partner gets the message across well and with love.


  • Non-verbal communication

Sometimes, other forms of communication in marriage work well to produce happy couples. Non-verbal actions like facial expressions, eye contact, hand movements, and physical touch can help you enhance the quality of the relationship.


  • Written Communication

Some people prefer forms of written communication to talk to each other. This can be done through text messages and letters


  • Visual communication

Last but not least, some couples prefer to communicate through visual help.


As you can see, there are different ways of communicating with your partner to ensure they receive your love and also understand what you need from them. Perfecting your communication skills is the way to great marriages. Sometimes, during a fight, parties engage in silent treatment as their way of handling disagreements. That is not the best way to dilute an argument as it may leave things hanging.


At Nuffield Wellness, we understand that couples may need help with inculcating effective communication with each other. That is why we offer couple counselling where you and your partner can meet our experienced counsellor, Zahira, to aid in improving your relationship. Book an appointment with her here.


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