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Co-Parenting Issues

Co-Parenting Issues


Co-parenting relationships involve children whose parents have separated or divorced and need to figure out a way of custody of their child. Adopting a successful co-parenting plan can be extremely challenging as they may have to follow court orders before even getting to meet their children.


Parenting after divorce can take a toll on the parenting style and child support as it involves other parties. Most parents develop a parenting plan and visitation schedule to allocate dedicated time for each parent in their children’s life. This can help each parent have a good amount of time and be involved in their daily lives.


Some common co-parenting issues are:


  • Either parent talking ill of the other.

When either parent talks behind the back of their back, the child doesn’t know whom to trust you or themselves and start having negative feelings towards both parents.


  • Missing the important decisions and events

Alot of time, the aspect of divorce that hurts parents the most is missing your children’s events and decision-making process because of clashing schedules. It can be tough to arrange your life with the children’s schedule, especially when working.


  • Different parenting styles

There are many different types of parenting styles that parents may adopt. Alot of the time, it can cause a conflict with the parents’ working relationship when the child prefers to listen to one parent more than the other.


There are many more problems that cover important issues parents experience with a divorce or separation. It is essential to inculcate a problem-solving method of handling situation since it also involves their children.


Here at Nuffield Wellness, we understand that co-parenting is tough and you may need assistance in sorting out a timeline that works for either parent. Our experienced counsellor, Zahira, offers counselling for such issues. Click on the form to book an appointment.

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